Collector's Edge 2004 Annual New Year Sale Photo Album

Let us in, we need comics...
Release the hounds.
...mmmm, 25% discount...
A customer carefully prints his name,
in hopes of winning the $500.
Buy more, or Spidey webs, ya!
A rare "weak fish" sighting
at the South location.
When customers ask for things we do not have,
I usually choke them, like this....
I need fiber.
Yes, most comics ARE stapled.
What's up, dog?

Shat... ner...


...these hands are registered weapons...
I still need fiber.
No fiber here...
Christmas hat for sale, $400,
and we will throw in the life size Spider-man's head bust .
Green Bay Wins!!!!!
I am not surly because Green Bay won.
Spider-sense tingling...
by the way, I am for sale.
Silent but deadly.
Let it snow, let it snow...
The vault in its pristine form.