1st prize: A vintage Marvel Collector Series Wolverine Figurine!
Lots of other prizes!


Michael Daiter (97)

Jeff Partin (95)

Maura Frenn (92)
Mark Bender (89)
Jason Plale (88)


These are the official answers. If you answered with more detail than needed or got creative, that will be taken into account when scoring.

# Points Question
1 3 Which Legion Sub was born Ulu Vakk?
Answer: Color Kid
2 2 Who built Red Tornado? 
Answer: T.O. Morrow
3 3 What was Razorback's semi-truck named? 
Answer: The Big Pig
4 2 Why does Homer want Batman?    [click to play sound]
Answer: He is stuck on an out-of-control monorail and needs help to stop it.
5 2 Who lives on Wundagore Mountain? 
Answer: The High Evolutionary
6 1 Who nearly destroyed the multi-verse with the Infinity Gauntlet? 
Answer: Thanos
7 1
What's the significance this issue?
Answer: First Bat-man appearance
8 2 Miss America, the Whizzer and Toro were part of what post World War II team?
Answer: All Winners Squad
9 1 Sasquatch played football for which NFL team? 
Answer: Green Bay Packers
10 1 What is found beneath stately Wayne Manor?
Answer: Batman's Batcave
11 3 What was JLAer Vibe's real name? 
Answer: Paco Ramone
12 1 The Atomic Knights fought to restore order after which World War? 
Answer: Three
13 1 What is this sound?     [click to play sound]
Answer: Cerebro (X-men movie)
14 3 Name the weatherman on WGBS-TV.  
Answer: Oscar Asherman
15 2 Who writes "the Mad Serb" column for the Edge Online newsletter? (spelling counts)
Answer: Ilija Stojsavljevic
16 5 What is Lady Blackhawk's real name?  
Answer: Zinda Blake (or Natalie Reed)  Extra points if you said both!
17 3 Twins Lance and Michael Gallant "joined" to form which Golden Age hero?  
Answer: Captain Triumph
18 2 What is Ka-Zar's real name? 
Answer: Lord Kevin Plunder (or David Rand) Extra points if you said both!
19 2 Harry Osborn was married to who? 
Answer: Liz Allen
20 1
Name the artist.
Answer: Frank Miller
21 1 According to Edge history, what happened on July 6th, 2000?
Answer: Jef sells his three stores (South, West, North) to Steve Dobrzynski
22 2 Who is this?      [click to play sound]
Answer: Gorilla Grodd (Challenge of the Superfriends)
23 3 What is the 26th thing I learned at the Edge, according to Fanboy Kyle?
Answer: Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, and Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back are 5 damn good films
24 3 What was the 8th top comic for November 2002 according to package customer orders?
Answer: Green Arrow #19
25 1 Collector's Edge is a registered CGC dealer? True or False
Answer: TRUE
26 2 What is Clark Kent's favorite novel? 
Answer: To Kill a Mockingbird
27 1
What product did this comic strip promote (be specific)?
Answer: Hostess Cupcakes
28 1 Who said this?      [click to play sound]
Answer: George Costanza (Jason Alexander) from Seinfeld
29 2 Who rides the Devil Dinosaur? 
Answer: Moon Boy
30 1 Who is responsible for the formation of the Avengers? 
Answer: Loki
31 1 What super hero group is featured in South store wall sign?
Answer: Justice League animated
32 2 Who is Irwin Schwab? 
Answer: Ambush Bug
33 3 Name Marvel's answer to the Freedom Fighters.  
Answer: The Crusaders
34 4 Name the actor.      [click to play sound]
Answer: David Ogden Stiers (JLA 1990s pilot - Martian Manhunter)
35 1 Name the Joker's girlfriend. 
Answer: Harley Quinn
36 2 On the TV show "Bob",  Bob Newhart played a comic artist who created which hero? 
Answer: Mad Dog
37 5 The Psycho Man's emotion triggering device has 3 "buttons" or settings.  What are they? 
Answer: Fear, doubt & hate.
38 1 Who is this?      [click to play sound]
Answer: Silent Bob (of Jay & Silent Bob) from Mallrats (Kevin Smith)
39 1 Where does Morpheus live? 
Answer: The Dreaming
40 1 What is Storm's greatest fear? 
Answer: Claustrophobia
41 2 What was the title of the Edge radio commercial first aired on HOT 102 FM, April 25th, 2001?
Answer: "unfound"
42 1
What weird comic character's movie poster is this?
Answer: Howard The Duck
43 3 Max O'Leary was manager/sidekick to which magical Golden Age hero? 
Answer: Sargon the Sorcerer
44 3 What is Luke Cage's real name?  
Answer: Carl Lucas
45 5
Who is this?
Answer: Benjy Grimm & cast from Fred and Barney meet The Thing
46 1 What metal is Thor's hammer made of? 
Answer: Uru
47 2 What is Shane Mervyn's Edge Guy alias?
Answer: Junkyard Mervyn
48 1 What day of the week was Solomon Grundy born on? 
Answer: Monday
49 2
Who is this?
Answer: Carl Barks
50 1 What is the weakness of the Golden Age Green Lantern's power ring? 
Answer: Wood